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Dr. Siddharth Sain

Name Dr. Siddharth Sain
Gender Male
Location New Delhi, Delhi, India
Race Asian
  • MBBS
  • MD
Phaco and Vitreo-Retina
Other Information
Dr Siddarth Sain is Retina specialist and has completed his undergraduate (MBBS) training from Maulana Azad medical college(MAMC ,Delhi)and then completed his post graduate training in ophthalmology from prestigious Dr Rajendra Prasad centre of ophthalmic sciences AIIMS Delhi in 2008 and then he did his senior residency in Vitreo retina and Phaco from RPC AIIMS. He has performed numerous retinal surgeries including the complicated surgeries like Diabetic Vitrectomies ,Eales Vitrectomies and Macular hole to name a few of them. He has also performed numerous Phaco and Micro incision cataract surgeries with equal ease and competence.

Attached Institution

Sharp Sight Centre
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