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Dr. V. B. Narayana Murthy

Name Dr. V. B. Narayana Murthy
Gender Male
Location India
Race Asian
• MBBS, Govt. Stanley Medical College Madras. Tamil Nadu, 1977-1983
• FRCS (Glasgow). Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow, 1984-1990
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Achievements & Awards
Awarded Honorary Professorship in the division of Biomedical engineering department of Applied Mechanics at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Is one of the first to have conducted endoscopic face lift in Chennai having been trained by Dr Danial Marchac Paris as early as 1994. One of the few plastic surgeons in
Affiliation with Associations
Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) and Royal college of Surgeons of England ( RCS England.). 1990­1993
Affiliation with Hospitals
• General training, Training in the UK leading to the award of FRCS. 1986-1990
• Plastic Surgery training, certified course in plastic surgery Northern General Hospital Sheffield and City hospital and Queens Medical center University of Nottingham, 1990 1994
• Cosmetic Surgery and Advanced Craniofacial Surgery with Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris, France Dr Danial Marchac at the Enfantes Malades Necker hospital and Belvedere Cosmetic center in Paris.
• Advanced Cosmetic Surgery at the New York University Institute of Plastic and reconstructive surgery New York USA with Prof. Joseph MacCarthy.
• Additional visiting and travel for Cosmetic surgery with Prof Sheryl Ashton the only professor of Cosmetic surgery in the world at the Manhattan Eye Ear nose and throat hospital in New York USA.
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