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Dr. Jagdish Chatnalli

Name Dr. Jagdish Chatnalli
Gender Male
Location India
Race Asian
• MBBS. M. R. Medical College. Gulbarga, 1994
• DNB. Neurosurgery. Nizants Institute of Medical Sciences. Hyderabad Premier institute of international standards in Neurosurgical, spine surgical training Center for Spinal cord injury ASIA (American spinal cord injury association) control trial center.
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Achievements & Awards
Has vast experience in performing the following surgeries:
• Microneurosurgeries Skullbase
• Head injuries
• Neuroendoscopic procedures
• Neurovascular procedures : Aneurysms. AVM Spinal trauma. instrumentation
• Functional surgeries: Parkinsonism (DBS)
• Radiofrequency ablation Trigeminal Neuralgia
• Stereotactic surgeries
• Cerebral palsy: SPR. SIR. Botox. ITP (Intrathecal Pumps)
Facilities Available
• Micro Neurosurgeries
• Neuro endoscopic Surgeries
• Skull Base surgeries
• Functional Neurosurgical Procedures:Radiofrequency ablation
• Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinsonism Prolotherapy
• Percutaneous Laser Ablative procedures Neuronavigation and stereo tactic procedures Spinal Surgeries & Instrumentation
Affiliation with Associations
• Life Member. Neurological society of India. Skull base association
• Spine association
• Andhra Pradesh Neuroscientist association Twin city Neurological association Hyderabad Cerebrovascular society.
• American Association of Neurological surgeons
Affiliation with Hospitals
• Consultant Neurosurgeon (Apollo Hospitals Goa)
• Consultant Neurosurgeon for International Medical Tourism (International clientage in ISO certified Hospitals)
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