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Shinon Medical Assistance is a leading medical assistance company. At Shinon we are very actively engaged in providing Medical Assistance to people from all over the world that choose to come to India seeking medical services.

We have our offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. We “Shinon” has successfully expanded its presence in most parts of the world and is now a well-established & respected name in the Global Healthcare Industry. In last 10 years we have assisted more than 11,000 Patients from 40+ Countries, and more than 50,000 People have availed our services. Shinon runs by a team of young entrepreneurs and we take pride in our ethical and compassionate care towards our patients an transparent dealing with associates.

We have been a pioneer in the concept of arranging CME's and training of doctors both on an international and domestic level. Shinon offers an entire range of products and services to provide its patients a smooth, hassle-free and effective experience.


At the forefront of the organization is this winning team that measures success of the company not only by financial growth, but by how well they meet their own high standards of accountability.

The Board of Directors combine education, experience and commitment in making decisions that benefit SHINON as well as the clients been served.


Mr. Vinay Aggarwal
Co-Founder, Director, Shinon Medical Assistance PVT LTD.
Education: Qualified as a MBA in International Marketing.

Mr. Vinay has an extensive entrepreneurial experience spanning 25 years in Healthcare, Textiles, Electronics manufacturing and distribution. He has to his credit, identifying new business opportunities and making profit centres out of them. He possesses strong interpersonal skills. He is also the Co-Founder and Treasurer of Federation of Healthcare & Wellness Promotions, India


Mr. Dhruv Sharma
Co-Founder & Director- Shinon Medical Assistance

  • Post-Graduation (Political Science and International Relations) University of Delhi
  • PGD- Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • MHA- Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai
Mr. Dhruv Sharma is the Director of Shinon Medical Assistance. He has a versatile background of working in Media and Healthcare sector.

image1.png We offer services keeping in mind the challenges faced by International patients and their attendants during the pre and post-operative stay, and include:
  • • Patient Centric Processes.
  • • 99% Success rates
  • • 100% On ground Assistance
  • • Multiple Hospital Options
  • • Multiple Price Points
  • • Multiple Locations to Choose
  • • Unbiased Opinions
  • • Multispecialty Approach
Our Offering to Insurances, Government and Corporate Patients:
  • • Cash Less Treatment for Patients.
  • • Credit Facility for the Company.
  • • Negotiated and Discounted bills.
  • • Verified Claims.
  • • Accommodation and Logistics included for Credit.
  • • Daily Financial and Medical Updates.
  • • Multiple Price options to suit individual limits.
  • • One point of Contact in India.
Our Medical Offering:
  • • Hospitals with World Class Infrastructure.
  • • Cutting Edge Diagnostics.
  • • Doctors with Great Training and Greater Experiences.
  • • Specialty Hospitals and Hospitals with all Specialties .
  • • Online Consults and Telemedicine.
  • • Medical and Medicine Supplies.
  • • Availability of Alternate Specialties such as Ayurveda and Stemcell.

  • • Hospitals , Doctors and Every Medical Assistance
  • • Visa and Travel Assistance
  • • 24 *7 Language Expert Case Manager
  • • Accommodation Services and Local Logistics
  • • Assistance to Insurance Companies
  • • Assistance to Government Patients
  • • Assistance to Medical Travel Companies
  • • Assistance to Patients searching for Healthcare
• Medical Travel : Our expertise lies in offering quality, customized, cost effective packages for patients travelling for treatment. Our association with most hospitals enable us to give multiple and unbiased options, for the patients well-being.

• Logistics Management for Medical travel : We aim to be your one point contact and help manage all logistics like airport transfers, accommodation options, transport, language barriers, food, travel & sightseeing etc.

• Events, International OPDs and CMEs : Shinon has been successfully & professionally organizing events like OPD's and Continuing Medical Education programs with reputed Indian Doctors across the globe. Such events are organized with support and cooperation of the local medical association thus benefitting the medical fraternities of both the countries. The OPD's ensure that the best and most renowned Indian Specialists travel with us to evaluate the patients in their home country. Only cases requiring surgical intervention are recommended to travel to India, else medicines are prescribed locally saving a lot of money and efforts for the patients. Follow ups for earlier patients are also made possible. The CMEs provide physicians with up-to-date medical information, resources and knowledge enhancement appropriate to their needs.

• Surgical Camps at Foreign Locations : A trend is fast emerging, where patients like to be treated by reputed Indian doctors in the comfort of their own countries. Shinon addresses this gap by organizing Surgical Camps internationally (subject to availability of Infrastructure and legal clearances). Smaller procedures can be done locally while the more complicated ones are treated in India.

• Global Healthcare Projects & Manpower Placement : Shinon is collaborating with premier Indian Healthcare groups & individuals for operating and managing Hospital projects and Diagnostic Labs internationally with Government and / or Private Participation. We have also placed Doctors, paramedic staff, managers etc globally for both short term and long duration assignments.

• International Government Contracts : Shinon has successfully bagged and completed contracts for bulk movement and treatments of patients.

• Doctors Training : Shinon offers customized training programs for International doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to upgrade their knowledge and experience by attending trainings at specialty hospitals in India. The main aim is to develop, maintain and increase knowledge, skills and professional performance of physicians in order to enhance the quality of patient care

• Doctor engagement Initiatives : Domestic & International - Based at our state of the art contact centre in Delhi, our multi-lingual callers reach out and digitally connect with doctors across the globe by way of emails, calls, SMSs and the web, to develop new business opportunities. Some of the world's largest Pharmaceutical Companies have also trusted us to represent them & contact doctors across India.

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