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Bourn Hall Clinic

Name Bourn Hall Clinic
Parking Available
Canteen Available
Internal Pharmacy Available
Blood Bank Available
Ambulance Service Available
Introduction & Overview
The hospital is involved in delivering the latest internationally recognized medical care to patients with a variety of infirmities and medical situations. Bourn Hall, One of the Best IVF Clinics in India follows the most modern and safest techniques in infertility treatment offering services such as ( In-Vitro Fertilization), (Intrauterine Insemination), intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo freezing, egg and embryo donation, assisted hatching, blastocyst culture and surrogacy.
Centres of Excellence
IVF Clinic
Services & Facilities
  • The facility has been constructed on a 3 acre vast land among a tranquil setting in India’s Millennium city, Gurgaon, .
  • The facility has been specifically designed and built for fertility treatment and provides a sincere welcome to patients in this friendly clinic.
  • The ultra-modern clinic is a wonderful two-storied building with sufficient and lavish space for patient’s luxury and exclusivity.
  • The founding vision was a soothing, serene atmosphere and a place of support, hence it is  not a busy hospital. There’s sufficient time and space for people who visit the hospital.
  • The Centre is situated just 15 minutes from the HUDA METRO STATION, which connects Gurgaon with heart of Delhi, Connaught Place.
Specialty & USP's
  • Legacy of being a part of the First IVF center in the world, following the treatment protocols of Bourn Hall, UK
  • Asia’s only hospital to have a clean room IVF lab providing the most sanitized environment for a healthy embryo’s growth
  • Provide option of 5th day Blastocyst transfer ensuring higher success rates
  • Complete transparency in the treatment plan
Other Information
Bourn Hall Clinic was founded in 1980 by the creators of IVF technology, Patrick Steptoe and Bob Edwards, who helped to bring the first test tube baby in the world. The parent center of Bourn Hall Clinic is in Cambridge, England which remains as the ‘centre of excellence’ for the treatment of infertility. Bourn Hall is the most iconic brand in the area of IVF technology and is recognized as the world leader for quality and innovation in the IVF technology. The founder Prof. Sir Robert Edwards was awarded Nobel Prize for his unmatched contribution to the field of medicine. Bourn Hall Clinic is currently expanding its network to provide the same world-class treatment to all. Apart from 4 clinics in UK and one in Dubai, they have two Clinics in India (Kochi and Gurgaon). Bourn Hall Clinic, Gurgaon is one of the best IVF center in Northern India which is committed to provide world-class services to patients.

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