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Mousa Basin Dham
Our doctor in Iraq told us to go to India when we came to know that our child is unable to listen voices and he needs cochlear implant. We contacted the Shinon Iraq centre who helped us getting the estimate and provided us visa letter and the things we need for travelling to India. Upon arrival we received best care and hospitality from each and every staff of Shinon. We stayed in India for about 45 days and after the implant we received speech therapy for one month. My child is able to recognize voice now and is responding when we call. I am very happy with the result and thanks to Shinon for helping us throughout in every step.

Date : 16th January 2015
Mohammed Abdul, Dhaka, Bangladesh
I came to India for treatment of Liver cirrhosis. I contacted Shinon through search engine. I went through all the investigations and chemotherapy and Shinon helped me in all aspect. After taking initial round of chemotherapy I decided to continue the treatment in Bangladesh since my leave couldn’t get extended. I was afraid of leaving the treatment in mid stage. I was improving with the treatment. Shinon helped me getting a detail protocol of chemotherapy and explained how shall I take it in my home country. I was relieved and felt good. Thanks to everyone who helped me complete my treatment. Lots of wishes to Shinon.

Date : 2nd August 2014
Mohammed Azim, Afghanistan
For me it was the most wonderful feeling was when I started seeing the world clearly after long time of haziness. Shinon helped me choose the right doctor for my cataract surgery and the result, I can see now. This is the most wonderful thing for me. I am very thankful to Shinon team that they saved my eyes and helped me see the beautiful world once again.

Date : 25th May 2014
Ekaete Andy Raphel
I stayed in India for a long duration in order to take treatment for breast cancer. I stayed for almost six month and after surgery and chemotherapy I decided to undergo breast reconstruction. Every step was properly guided by Shinon and it was cost saving for me as well. The plastic surgeon chosen by Shinon was excellent and did a great job helping me regaining my beauty and pride. After this I am finding myself whole again and I’m hoping to resume my work As soon as I reach Nigeria. Thanks to the doctors, nurses, and all the hospital staff and above all my heartiest appreciation to Shinon, who prove to be competent in handling any situation and benefit the patient in every manner. I thank God for a new life.

Date : 5th May 2014
Kabambu Ntanda Justin, Congo
My appreciation goes to Shinon and its team members for the exemplary work they are doing. We were overwhelmed with the great services and hospitality offered by all of them. Hats off to you!! I shall recommend anyone who is seeking medical treatment in India.

Date : 5th May 2014
Safaroy Kuziea, Kazakhstan
I came to know about Shinon during one of their OPD's in Kazakshtan. The doctor advised me to go for bilateral Hip replacement. I have been suffering from this pain and discomfort for a long time and I decided to go opt for the surgery even though I was mortified knowing I have to go under the knifes. The doctor explained about the surgery and the pros and cons and I instantly got the estimate with different implants. They sent me the visa invitation letter and I received a warm welcome from Shinon team upon arrival. During my procedure and stay everything was explained to me in detail and it made me so satisfied knowing things before. Every day one of the Shinon representative used to meet and explained about the plan of the day. The surgery went so well and I still don’t believe I’m walking on my foot without trouble. My life is completely changed with one surgery. They helped me in anything and everything during my stay. I wish you all the very best. Will keep in touch.

Date : 20th March 2014
Mrs. Ndjokounda Simone, Lagos, Nigeria
I want to take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation to Shinon and all its team members along with the doctors, nursing staff, F&B & housekeeping staffs. Everyone took good care of during my stay in hospital. I came for Kidney transplant and every matter was handled with care by the Shinon members. After a successful surgery we are preparing to go back to Nigeria in next two days. Thanks a lot.

Date : 6th December 2013
Nura Uba, Abuja, Nigeria
The experience with Shinon India and was wonderful. From the time we landed at the airport from Nigeria every aspect is being well taken care of. I underwent surgery of lower limbs after a fatal accident. I’m able to walk now. Thank you guys…keep it up…

Date : 1st May 2013
Hauwa Mohammed, Attendant of Mohammed Sabah Kareem, Baghdad, Iraq
While doing online research about Pectus surgery I contacted Shinon. I immediately sent pictures and report of my nephew. He was suffering from Pectus Excavatum - A funnel like chest, due to depression of ribs and sternum. Being a medical professional I wanted to go to the best doctor. The treatment in our country is not as advanced as India. I received the opinion immediately and the surgery advised was Nuss. They sent us the visa letter and their local team was equally helpful. Once we arrived, Shinon translator picked us at the airport and taken to the hospital directly. The doctor is very good as well as the other staff. We have been explained everything in detail and the surgery was carried out. The result was more than we expected and Sabah was so happy and this surgery boosted up his confidence too. They also arranged a press conference for us to educate people about the surgery and it was really awesome. This surgery saved him from a lot of complications which he would have surely faed due to the abnormal structure. If I start telling about Shinon I will write more than two pages in their praise. I am really thankful that I made the right decision to choose Shinon among others. The least I can say is thanks a lot for everything you people have done. May Almighty bless you all.

Date : 19th February 2012
Khalid bin Waleed, Baghdad, Iraq
Whenever I looked at the mirror I used to start feeling low. I am only 35 years old and I weighted 169 kgs. Even after avoiding all kind of junk foods and doing exercises I couldn’t manage to lose more than few pounds. Being overweight, I was not able to manage day to day activities. People used to laugh at me and I was finding myself a monster. It came to know about the weight loss surgery from one of my friend who went to India for treatment through Shinon. I immediately contacted them and travelled to New Delhi. I was amazed at the arrangements they did. Everything was well organized from the doctor’s appointment to the room booking even the OT slot. The bariatric surgery was performed and the doctor explained me about the positives and negatives and cleared all my doubts. After the surgery I was feeling good. The whole fat wasn’t removed but my intestine was cut short through a small procedure due to which I stopped craving for food all the time. I thank the Shinon team from the bottom of my heart who helped me gained my confidence and live like a normal person.

Date : 15th December 2011
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