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Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeries

Artificial Limbs for Prosthesis

Referring to a prosthesis, an artificial substitute or replacement of a part of the body such as a tooth, eye, a facial bone, the palate, a hip, a knee or another joint, the leg, an arm, etc. A prosthesis is designed for functional or cosmetic reasons or both. Typical prostheses for joints are the hip, knee, elbow, ankle, and finger joints. Prosthetic implants can be parts of the joint such as a unilateral knee. Joint replacement and arthroplasty mean the same thing.
A prosthesis may be removable, as in the case of most prosthetic legs or a prosthetic breast form used after mastectomy. A person who uses a removable prosthesis, for example, an artificial hand, may want to have more than one available for different types of tasks. Other types of prosthetic devices are permanently implanted, like an artificial hip, testicle or tooth.
With advances in the biomedical sciences, a few experimental prostheses have been integrated with body tissues, including the nervous system. These highly advanced devices can respond to commands from the central nervous system, more closely approximating normal movement and utility.
An auditory prosthesis is a device that substitutes for or enhances the ability to hear. It is more commonly called a hearing aide.


Dr. Aditya Sharma
Dr. Aman Dua
Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal
Dr. Anil Raheja
Dr. Ashish Jain
Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
Dr. Chetan Giroti
Dr. Dattatreya Mohapatra
Dr. Dharmesh Khatri
Dr. Gyan Sagar Tucker
Dr. H.S Chhabra
Dr. Harsh Bhargava
Dr. Harsh Priyadarshi
Dr. Harshavardhan K Hegde
Dr. Hemant Sharma
Dr. Hitesh Garg
Dr. I.P.S Oberoi
Dr. (Col) IP Arora
Dr. Jatinder Bir Singh Jaggi
Dr. Jayant Arora
Dr. K.K Mishra
Dr. Kaushal C. Malhan
Dr. Rajeev Verma
Dr. Shreyash M Gajjar
Dr. Subhash Jangid
Dr. Yash Gulati
Dr. A.N Malaviya
Dr. Bhushan Naraini
Dr. Deepak Raina
Dr. Nitiraj Oberoi

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