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Skin Care Treatments


The problems with skin aging vary from small lines and “age-spots” to deep wrinkles. The most disliked part of the aging skin is wrinkles. Often given names like the “laugh Lines” or “worry Lines” or the more impressive “bunny line” on the nose, the “nasolabial Folds” on the cheeks and the “Marionette” lines below the lips. With microscopic signs of aging skin are:

  • Thinning of the epidermis
  • Degradation of elastic fibers of the dermis with loss of resilience
  • A zone of abnormally oriented collagen fibers

While gravity is responsible for some signs of skin aging it is the muscle action that produces the wrinkles and the deep facial lines. Skin wrinkles are grooves in the skin, which can be on the surface of the skin or can be quite deep. Wrinkles are the thin, deep, creased, and sagging skin that is especially noticeable on the face, neck, top of the forearms and back of the hands. Wrinkles in turn can be divided into two categories; fine, surface lines and deep furrows. Light wrinkle treatments are very effective for fine lines; whereas deeper creases may require more aggressive techniques. Wind, heat and chemicals and the natural effects of aging cause a certain amount of wrinkling in everyone, but it is much worse in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. The skin begins to sag in places where the collagen, the elastic fibers that support the skin, has weakened the most. The skin around the eyelids, jaw, and neck is especially thin, and therefore more naturally prone to aging. Methods to improve the wrinkles include  filling the thinned out skin and depressions,  weaken the muscles responsible for the lines, and  other techniques stimulate collagen growth

The treatments for wrinkles include Botox®, Fillers, Chemical Peels, Smoothbeam Laser, Medical Microdermabrasion or Surgical Dermabrasion. These treatments may be recommended individually or in combination.

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