Dr. Jem Kalathil

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An internationally acclaimed Surgical Oncologist with more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Jem Kalathil is one of the most experienced oncoplastic and reconstructive breast cancer surgeons in India, and an expert in complex sarcoma surgeries, organ preserving surgeries, GI malignancies and radio-guided surgeries, including sentinel node biopsy techniques and occult lesion localization Trained at some of the finest centers in the United Kingdom, Italy and India, Dr. Jem Kalathil is an expert in the surgical management of early and advanced gynecological cancers and peritoneal malignancies and heads one of the few oncology centers in the country with the expertise for Total peritonectomy and HIPEC procedures.

Surgical Oncology
25 years of experience overall
FRCS, MS in Surgery, MBBS