The Shinon Advantage

Our entire medical itinerary is meticulously planned to provide our patients with unmatched comfort. Every possible challenge faced by an international patient during the pre and post-operative stay.

Medical visa

Extensive experience in the medical

Treatment cost comparison

Enjoy the subsidized treatment costs


Covers all bases of overseas, group or individual insurance

Changing the medical landscape one patient at a time

Patient Centric Processes

99% Success rates

100% On ground Assistance

Multiple Hospital Options

Multiple Price Points

Multiple Locations to Choose

Unbiased Opinions

Multispecialty Approach

Our Offering to Insurances, Government and Corporate Patients:

• Cash Less Treatment for Patients.
• Credit Facility for the Company.
• Negotiated and Discounted bills.
• Verified Claims.
• Accommodation and Logistics included for Credit.
• Daily Financial and Medical Updates.
• Multiple Price options to suit individual limits.
• One point of Contact in India.

Our Medical Offering:

Hospitals with World Class Infrastructure

Cutting Edge Diagnostics

Doctors with Great Training and Greater Experiences

Specialty Hospitals and Hospitals with all Specialties

Consults and Telemedicine

and Medicine Supplies

Availability of
Alternate Specialties such as Stemcell

Shinon USP

Shinon is better than every other medical travel company because,
• We are Empathetic
• We are Efficient
• We are Everywhere
Shinon is the ‘only company in the world’ that works on the Hybrid Model; we acquire customers with the combination of Man and the Machine. Shinon has a global Presence in terms of both Source and Destination countries. While most competitive companies are limited to their surrounding Geographies in sourcing the patients and sending them to treatment destinations. No other company enjoys the exclusivity as Shinon does as we have exclusive contracts with Fortis, Apollo, Aster, Nova, ART, etc. This shows that none other Medical Travel player enjoys such Trust and faith with top hospital partners in India and abroad.

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